About company

“Spetsvzryvprom” Ltd. – is a high professionalism of the enterprise’s employees, which has been tried and tested for decades of years, and huge experience of thousands of drilling-and-blasting operations.

The main activity of «Spetsvzryvprom» Ltd. is the production of drilling and blasting operations in the course of seismic exploration, dismantling of structures and blasting operations in oil, gas, water and other wells.

Engineering solutions and the use of modern materials and technologies minimize the size of the zones of the damaging factors of the explosion, which is especially important in the conditions of the current production. Special attention is paid to the safety during designing and producing works.


The principle of work organization and technical capabilities allows to begin work in any part of Ukraine in a short time. The enterprise has specialized vehicles for transportation of explosive materials, personnel and equipment to the work places.

Our staff

The company has a staff of trained and certified employees with the right to conduct blasting operations in the industry and the direction of blasting operations during dismantling of buildings and structures. Employees of our company provide accurate and high-quality performance of work, and in addition have not only theoretical training, but also a long practical experience in this industry. We have extensive experience in blasting operations with seismic exploration as a contractor with foreign and native companies.


According to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, the enterprise has the permission of the state service of Ukraine for labor protection and industrial safety No.99.17.30. In addition, the enterprise has permits for the acquisition, transportation, storage and use of explosive materials and means of initiation issued by the bodies of the National Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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